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Blue Brighton Tool Shed
Blue Brighton Tool Shed
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Wooden Gates

At Garden Oasis, we offer a range of high quality yet affordable wooden gates to help make your property more secure while safeguarding your privacy. Suitable for side entrances and driveways, our gates are made using pressure-treated timber to help ensure longevity while they can be painted or stained in the colour of your choice.

Our gates are delivered free of charge throughout most of the UK. To view our wooden gate selection, please browse through the range below:

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The Carlton Wooden Tall Arch Top Single Gates are a solid gate constructed from smooth...[more]
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The Carlton Wooden Tall Single Gates are constructed from smooth planed Scandinavian...[more]
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The Carlton Double Gates are a great value solution to securing smaller entrances and...[more]
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The Drayton Wooden Arch Top Estate Gates are constructed from smooth planed...[more]
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The Drayton Wooden Estate Gates are constructed from smooth planed Scandinavian Redwood...[more]
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The Drayton Tall Single Gate is a solid heavy duty garden gate with a thick frame and...[more]
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The Evington 5 Bar Field Gates are constructed from smooth planed Scandinavian Redwood...[more]
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The Hampton Driveway Gates are both elegant and robust thanks to the combined use of...[more]
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The Hampton Wooden Estate Gates are both elegant and robust thanks to the combined use...[more]
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The Hampton Single Gate is both elegant and robust thanks to the combined use of...[more]
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The Hampton Tall Single Gate is both elegant and robust thanks to the combined use of...[more]
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The Quorn Driveway Gates are crafted in the UK using quality smooth planed Scandinavian...[more]
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The Quorn Wooden Single Gates are constructed from smooth planed Scandinavian Redwood...[more]
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Gates are both an important aesthetic and practical component of gardens; if you’re taking the step of installing a gate in your garden, it’s crucial that the installation is both precise and high-quality. If the correct steps aren’t followed, you could end up with a garden that lacks security, or an ugly feature which lets down an otherwise immaculately designed and maintained garden.

With this in mind, we present this guide to assembling and installing the range of high quality timber gates that we stock at Garden Oasis, to ensure that you get the most from your purchase.

Important! before you go any further, if you ordered the optional fittings, ensure that you have the correct fitting pack:

  • Drayton and Hampton single gates – SGFS Fitting pack
  • Quorn and Carlton single gates  - GGFS Fitting pack
  • Evington Field gates – FGFTS for fitting to posts or FGFBS for fitting to brick
  • Quorn, Drayton and Hampton double and estate gates – EGFS Fitting pack
  • Carlton double gates – GGFP Fitting pack


First things first, upon receiving your timber gate from Garden Oasis, ensure that you have taken receipt of the correct product, that is is the correct size for your requirements and that it is free from any transit damage. We are so confident in the exceptional quality and utility of the products we sell, that we offer a comprehensive exchange and refund policy.

All of our timber gates are pressure treated as standard, to provide superb protection against rot. This means that no further treatment is necessary, however you can still stain or paint your gate in whichever colour you desire using paint or stain that is compatible for use with pressure treated timber. Allow your gates to weather for 2 months before painting to prevent trapping in any of the chemicals used during the tantalising process.

Despite the effectiveness of our pressure treatment, it’s still important to store your gate correctly, prior to installation. We recommend that you store the gate flat, to prevent the timber from warping and avoid potential damages from being knocked or blown over. Also avoid exposing the wood to extreme heat or being submerged in water.

Don’t mistake the green marks on the wood for mould, this is just a residue from the pressure treatment process, and this will fade back to the natural colour over time.


Before you can affix the gate proper, you’ll need to install the necessary support structure.


If utilising wall mounted posts, you’ll need to affix them to the wall using rawl plugs (which are not supplied), to provide a sufficient level of security and grip. Three should be sufficient, though the greater the amount used, the greater the ultimate durability of the installation.

A wall mounted post should be installed slightly off the ground, while a 5 to 10mm gap should be left between the wall post and the gate, if you are intending to use hook and band hinges. This gap will allow enough room for the hinges to be installed and easily used; if the gap isn’t provided, the gate will be stiff and difficult to open, if you’re able to install it at all.


Post that are concreted into the ground are only required if you do not have a supporting wall on which to mount posts. When installing concrete-in posts, you will need a foundation hole to be dug prior to being erected. A hole of around 24” to 30” is fine for all of the square posts available for use with our wooden gates. We recommend utilising a concrete set base for the gate posts, which will ensure that the gate post is held upright, and kept safe from water damage and natural erosion; after the hole is dug, and the gate post inserted, the concrete (or post mix, depending on personal preference) should be poured around, while using a spirit level to ensure that the post remains straight.


There are just a few general pointers to go through before you attach hinges to your gate.

Firstly, the bolts that will affix the hinges to the gate itself must be very carefully placed, in order to protect the structural integrity of the gate. The centre of the gate’s hanging stile is the optimum position for the bolts, and great care should be taken to ensure that bolts are not installed into the shoulder joint of the gate; as this could severely damage the gate, or even render it unusable.

Secondly, ensure that the installation of the hinges to the gate leaves enough space for the aforementioned 5 to 10mm gap! There’s nothing worse than installing a gate, only to find it won’t open!


As a larger gate, the installation of the Evington field gate is slightly more complex, but also more customisable. For one, the Evington field gate can be installed to open either in one or both directions. To open in one direction, simply hang the gate from the side of the post that you would like the gate to open away from. To allow the gate to open in both directions, hang the gate between the posts so that the hinges and latch are in-line with the gate.

Take care to compensate for the extra space required by the fittings when installing between posts to allow for two way opening.  If you order the option Timber Fittings Pack from Garden Oasis, the hinges will require around 100mm and a spring loaded latch around 90mm.

When installing two Evington gates to use as a double gate. If installing between posts to allow two way opening, the amount of space you will need to leave between the posts will be the size of the gates plus 210mm (100mm both sides for hinges plus 10mm gate between the centre of the gates).

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