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Evington 5 Bar Field Gate

  • Evington 5 Bar Field Gate
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The Evington 5 Bar Field Gates are made in the UK from smooth planed Scandinavian Redwood that has been pressure treated to protect against rot, mould and blue stain fungi for a long, low maintenance life. The Evington is available in sizes from 90cm to 360cm giving you the option to use as a single pedestrian gate, a single driveway gate, or using two gates together with a throw-over latch, you can create a barrier across a wide entrance designed for larger vehicles.  The side frames are 120mm (47¼”) tall. The top horizontal rail sits 13cm below the top of the frame and the bottom rails sits 7cm up from the bottom of the frame, with the remaining three centre rails evenly spaced. Diagonal bracing bars add strength and give it the classic field gate appearance.

It is recommended that wooden gate posts are used when installing these gates. Optional smooth sawn pressure treated 15cm x 15cm square posts are available.

Various fittings are available as options with the Evington gate including:

Throw-over Latch – Used to hold a pair of gates closed.
Timber Fitting Set – Recommended when installing onto wooden posts
Brick Fitting Set – Recommended when installing onto brick walls or pillars
Spring Fastener Set – Recommended for when the gate closes against the back of the post
Self-Locking Gate Catch – Recommended for when the gate closes in line with the post.

The Evington Field Gate is available in the following sizes:

  • 90cm Gate Width x 120cm Height - £119.95
  • 120cm Gate Width x 120cm Height - £144.95
  • 240cm Gate Width x 120cm Height - £214.95
  • 300cm Gate Width x 120cm Height - £249.95
  • 360cm Gate Width x 120cm Height - £289.95

If our standard sizes won't fit, a made to measure service is available for this gate. Please click the tab below to be directed to the made to measure page.

View Made to Measure



120mm x 70mm


95mm x 70mm


70mm x 20mm


Mortise & Tenon


Pressure Treated


There are two methods of installing the Evington Field Gate, either between or behind posts.

Installing Between Posts

With this method of installation, the gate hinges are attached to the inside face of the post, allowing the gates to open in either direction. This method is suitable for a pair of gates but not recommended for a single gate. If using our timber fittings pack, the hinges will require a 10cm gap between the gate and the post. 

Installing Behind Posts

With this method of installation, the gate hinges are attached to the back (or front) face of the post, allowing the gates to open in one direction. When installing with way, the gap between the posts should be up to 10cm less than the size of the gate (or gates) and is a suitable method of installation for a single or pair of gates.

Information about your gate

Fittings. The Evington gates are not supplied with any fittings; however optional fittings packs are available which includes the correct size hinges for this weight of gate. The long strap hinge should be fitted to the top rail and the short hinge to the side frame towards the bottom of the gate. The fittings we have available are galvanised to prevent rust.

Wooden Posts. Posts should be buried up to 60cm deep and held in place with concrete.

Finish. The Evington gates are supplied pressure treated which leaves the wood with a temporary green tint. If left to weather, the wood will fade to a silvery grey colour; however you can change the colour by painting or staining the wood after it has been allowed to weather for at least 2 months. If you wish to do this, you should use a paint or stain that is compatible with pressure treated timber. 

 Direct from the factory in 3 to 4 weeks
 Delivery charges apply to Highlands & Islands.

 Surcharge applies for Highlands and Islands

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