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Blue Brighton Tool Shed
Blue Brighton Tool Shed
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Combining the colourful charm of a beach hut and the shape of a sentry box, the Blue...[more]
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Add a touch of charm to your garden with this beautiful Reims Garden Bench from...[more]
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The Lawn King LK41RC Push Lawnmower is an excellent value mower with features often...[more]
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The Dining Pergola from Forest is a modern design that creates a contemporary...[more]
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The Handy Folding Garden Trolley is designed to be strong, with a 75kg load capacity,...[more]
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The Lifetime 11ft x 13½ft Plastic Shed is an attractive choice for your garden...[more]
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Spring Cleaning Tips

The warmer months are finally on the horizon, but it’s likely the harsh winter weather will have taken its toll on your garden. As you’ll be spending more time outdoors in the months to come, now is a great time to give your garden a spring clean and bring it back to its original shiny self!

Cleaning your gate
A garden gate can be a prominent feature of your garden and is one of the first things that your visitors will notice, especially if they’re entering through it! The frost, snow and rain could have rusted your gate and algae may have started to build up on it.

In order to get rid of unwanted algae, it’s best to use warm soapy water to wash it away. Give your gate a hose down afterwards to wash away any algae remains and repeat if you’ve missed areas. If you have any rusty spots on your gate, or the algae that has collected is particularly stubborn, you can use a wire brush and some warm soapy water to remove them. Once your gate is rust and algae-free, be sure to give it a lick of paint using Hammerite as it is designed to give you lasting protection against the effects of weather.  

Sprucing up your furniture
Maintaining clean and inviting furniture is essential for those warm days in the garden, as it makes socialising and relaxing a lot more pleasant for you and your guests. Where your furniture has gone unused throughout the harsh months, it will have probably gathered some dust and dirt. Depending on what type of garden furniture you have, there are several ways to clean off your table and chairs.

If you have teak furniture in your garden it may have started to look rather dull and dingy. Use a pressure washer to clean off any dirt that may have accumulated and leave it dry off. Once dry, apply some teak oil to bring back the lush brown colour that it once presented.

For both rattan and aluminium furniture you can use warm soapy water to wash off any dirt and a pressure washer for any particularly difficult spots. Once you’ve tackled the dirt you can leave your furniture to dry off.

If you have steel furniture, use warm soapy water to clean off any dirty spots. Once this is dry, apply some Waxoyl as this will prevent your furniture from rusting, keeping it looking shiny!

For metal garden furniture, use soapy water but make sure you steer clear of the pressure washer. Using a pressure washer on metal furniture could take the powder paint off and cause flaking, which will ruin the appearance of your accessories. Leave your furniture to dry once it’s looking as good as new and it will be ready to use in no time.

Patio and greenery
Once you have taken on your gate and furniture, it’s time to turn your attention to the rest of your garden. Use a pressure washer to hose down your patio and invest in a strimmer to trim around the hard to reach parts of your lawn. You could also look at buying some new plants and bulbs to spruce up your flower beds and add some colour to your garden!

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