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The 15 must-have products and accessories for Autumn/Winter

The heat-wave we’ve enjoyed this summer is starting to dissipate, and that means only one thing; autumn and winter are rapidly approaching. This doesn’t bode well for the ongoing bloom of your garden, so before you start to lose all of your hard earned botanical variety and colour, it may well be worth stocking up on an array of products to prolong the life of, or clean up the mess left by, your quickly deteriorating plant life. We don’t cater solely for plants at Garden Oasis, however, so if you need to stock up on a few winter essentials for you and your family, we’ve also got what you need. But have no fear; at Garden Oasis we have the expertise and equipment to give you as easy a ride as possible; though with a selection as extensive as ours, it’s often difficult to know where to start. With that in mind we present our list of the 15 must have products and accessories for Autumn and Winter, to get you and your green fingers comfortably through the chill!

Stainless Steel 12kW Patio Heater

This heater is perfect for the milder nights in autumn and early winter; though it may not be enough to stave off the extreme freeze of winter’s apex! With this product installed in your garden or on your patio you can enjoy your own private slice of the great outdoors that much longer; extending your summer by a few more precious weeks, at best.

Galvanised Single Lid Cold Frame

If you’re after a way to prolong spring and summer for your plants, this cold frame provides the perfect opportunity. Protecting your greenery from the predation of frost and wind, while also allowing for easy watering and ventilation as necessary, your plants will be defended from unwelcome wildlife incursions when placed inside. Made from heavy-duty materials, this cold frame is built to last.

The Big Red Greenhouse Heater

For when the winter’s chill has penetrated even the warm confines of your green house, it’s time for the services of a heater such as this one to even the odds. When the sun rays and outdoor temperature have let you down, you can rely on a greenhouse heater to keep your plants going all the way to spring, should you maintain the appropriate level of diligence! Offering a 16 hour burn post-refill, this heater will require less attention than most, keeping you out of the cold as much as possible.

Soil Warming Cables

Though this greenhouse accessory won’t provide enough heat to ensure the survival of your shrubs throughout the entirety of winter, it will allow you to continue growing later, or start up earlier. Offering maximum versatility, this warming solution comes in a variety of sizes, catering to soil beds of 4 - 36 Sq.ft. If you need more heat to be produced, simply group the cables closer together, to boost their combined temperature output.

Ice Breaker (Rock Salt) – Bulk Bag

This product does exactly what you would expect; allowing you to keep your paths and drive way as clear of ice as possible during inclement and cold weather. The size of this product ensures that you should have plenty of grit, enough to last you though the whole of winter, and maybe the winters of a few years to come.

Door Canopy

All it takes to ensure greater comfort and ease during the winter months is a simple installation of this door canopy; protecting your step from the worst of the snow and ice, and you from an embarrassing and potentially injurious accident! A door canopy also protects the continued health of the door itself during the more inclement periods of the season, giving you one less maintenance task to worry about.

Outdoor Door Step

Providing another method to side-step potential icy-mishaps, this door step provides an elevated, high friction surface for unsteady or incautious feet, while reducing the drop of particularly high stairs. The plastic construction of this step protects it from the worst weather that the winter months can throw at it, though its small size does make it easy to store, should the need arise.

Galvanised Scraper Mat

This mat ensures that your garden stays outside when you come in, preventing the clean-up of the typical garden sludge that seems to get everywhere during the damper months of autumn and winter. Being constructed from hard-wearing steel, and with a galvanised finish, this mat will provide you with long, effective service.

Witches Broom Fireside Companion Set

An eye-catching Fireplace accessory that still offers maximum utility; this set ensures that you can keep your house warm, and your fireplace tidy. With its rustic styling, this set will bring a sense of homely warmth to the room, even when the fire is out.

Log Store

Elegant in its simplicity, this log store brings a charming, old world feel to your garden. Designed to allow maximum air circulation, your precious wooden fuel will be protected from the worst of the weather that the colder months throw at it. This log store is large enough that its contents should be able to keep you warm until the country has once again thawed out.

Coal Bunker

Simple and effective storage for your coal; this coal bunker is easy to assemble, and even easier to use. This product is galvanised, so rust will not be an issue, no matter how cold or damp conditions get. Interlocking seams ensure that the bunker’s integrity will remain strong, even when loaded to the brim with coal.

3 in 1 Snow Shovel

Another self explanatory, yet still essential winter-time product; this 3 in 1 snow shovel provides maximum versatility when you dearly need to conquer the worst icy conditions that the season throws at you. The snow brush attachment ably deals with soft, loose packed snow; while the ice scraper can quickly free your car from winter’s icy grip, no matter how tight the hold. The shovel attachment can handle everything in between!

Car Ice Scraper Mitten

A useful companion to the previous product; or any other tool or accessory that brings your hands into uncomfortably close contact with ice or snow, this mitten allows for the cosy completion of your task, without the freezer burn.

Sun Lounger Cover

As disheartening as it may be, sooner or later your summer garden furniture will need to be stored away; lest it face the upholstery destroying fury of winter. This furniture cover is highly durable, waterproof and resistant to all weather conditions; efficiently protecting your sun lounger, while leaving you to look forward to next summer.

SandriGarden SG9240 Blower Vacuum

The perfect way to deal with the botanical floor covering that Autumn leaves in its wake; this highly versatile tool is able to disperse leaves and plant detritus with its blower function, or gather the autumnal mess up with its vacuum function. Whatever your need or preference, this easy to use device will keep your property clear and tidy.

Don’t get snowed under: winter garden maintenance tips

You’ve spent the summer enjoying your garden, now it’s time to clean and cover up, in order to make sure that you’ve got something to enjoy next summer. After all, winter is coming, so you need to prepare! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at different sections of a garden, and how they can be bested defended from the worst that the colder months will throw at them.

Lawn care

First things first, we’ll take a look at the lawn. There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that, when your garden thaws out in spring, your lawn is ready to bounce back, looking better than ever. A few of our lawn care tips are more passive than the rest; it’s important that you avoid feeding your lawn during the cold winter months, and that you minimise the amount that tread on your lawn after frost has set in. Both actions are bad news for grass, and could result in your lawn being partially or fully dead on arrival when spring comes around. Feeding during the winter months delivers the same results as during the warmer ones; it promotes growth. This is hazardous when outside conditions are cold enough to be lethal to the grass, as extra exposed surface area may be enough to finish off grass, especially if the seasonal chill has already put it on the ropes. Treading on your lawn when frost is down is liable to damage or break the frozen stems of grass, often leading to foot print shaped holes in your lawn next year! Next up, you’ll want to ensure that there is nothing else competing with your lawn for space and food, or actively impeding its access to sunlight or nutrients. Moss is one of the main offenders here, so make sure that you wipe out any moss that you find on your lawn; if you don’t, it’ll gladly wipe out your lawn instead. It’s also easy enough to prevent the growth of moss in future; ensure there are no branches or foliage closely overhanging your lawn, and ensure that your lawn has optimal drainage. Excessive, prolonged water build-up is a welcome invitation for moss. Removing thatch also helps protect your lawn during winter months; motorised or mechanical rakes can both make this task extremely easy.

Plant protection

Before you take any other action in regards to fruit, vegetables, flowers and other plants that you want to shepherd through the winter chill, it’s important to plan ahead for the next planting season. What choices have been particularly successful this last year? What new plant life would you like to try for the first time? These thoughts should inform your choice of seeds; make sure you order early enough that you’re still able to act upon your deliberations, stocks of some plants and vegetables run out faster than others. Your work in relation to the plants in your garden should ultimately come down to prevention and protection. In terms of plants that are currently being stored in greenhouses, heaters are a sound investment; ensuring that plants are kept at a comfortable temperature throughout the colder months. In the same way, cold frames are a great way to ensure that plants are kept in comparative warmth; and also protected from the worst of winter’s wrath. Mulching is also a great idea; the placement of mulch will help to discourage the growth of weeds and protect seedlings and soil from frost. Protective fleecing can also be utilised to protect smaller, delicate plants. When it comes to mulching, it’s a good idea to wait until just after frost has hit, so as to prevent the hibernation and nesting of rodents and pests.

Taking care of trees

Trees, as with the other plant life in your garden, require protection from the ravages that can be wrought by the seasonal drop in temperature. The easiest way to protect trees and larger plants in your garden is by wrapping; this is best done by positioning stakes around the plant and tree, and wrapping the stakes with either burlap or wire mesh. Both options will help to keep rodents away, while the burlap option also provides a measure of insulation and protection from snow and sleet, which of use to particularly fragile plants and trees. Depending on where you live, and the variety of tree that you are housing on your property, it may also be necessary to spray your trees with winter tree wash, to prevent the settling of any vermin, and kill those that have already made their home there, as the winter months close in. Pressure sprayers are the easiest method to introduce winter tree wash to a given tree, making light work of a big task.

Guarding garden furniture

Now your plants are protected, you can worry about your garden furniture. After all, while generally far more hardy than the plant life in your garden, winter temperatures and weather conditions can quickly have an adverse effect on your garden furniture if you’re caught unwary. The easiest preparation you can take is to shelter as much furniture indoors as possible. For those pieces too large or cumbersome to easily move, you may be better served in covering them up for the duration of winter. Unless you fancy sunbathing in the middle of January, of course. We stock a comprehensive range of furniture covers, from those suitable for sun loungers, all the way to picnic table covers, for winter protection that you can rely on.

Quality Gardening Products at Great Online Prices

With relationships spanning many of the leading UK manufactures we take pride in passing on value to our customers and keeping the environment in mind.

Based in Tamworth we are always at hand to help out with any questions and feedback to provide you with the very best of customer services.

Furniture for your Patio and Garden – Bringing the Indoors Outside

Making the most out of every day can be so important for families and entertaining throughout the year. At Garden Oasis we have all the items you need, from tree seats to family seating, we have a comprehensive range of garden and patio furniture for every budget and requirement.

If you are looking for garden and patio accessories – look no further, as we have all the garden additions to breathe fresh life in established outdoor settings.

Securing your Home and Garden with Gates and Railings

Making your house and garden safe is a top priority for many people, and we want to make the process of securing your property a stress free one.

From metal (wrought iron) gates and railings, through to wooden gates and gate automation kits, we can help you safety proof your outside space in a matter of clicks.

We are regularly updating our already vast range of gates and railings, so you can be confident that whatever you style and price range, we can help today!

Adding Serenity to your Outdoor Living with Ponds and Water Features

Winter to Spring, taking a moment out to sit by a pond and listening to the flow of water can relax even the most active of minds.

Whether you are in need of water maintenance solutions and pond accessories, or creating a new water feature in your garden or patio, we have what you need!

Our full water features and pond solutions include:

  1. Raised ponds
  2. Wishing wells
  3. Bridges
  4. So much more


BBQs are Not Just for the Summer Months – Make More of your Outside Eating Today

What can bet better than smoking woods and burning coals in a bright evening in the garden?

Whether you are a gas, coal or wood burner in a barbeque setting, Garden Oasis can turn your intermittent hobby into an all year round event.

If you are still unconvinced that BBQs are for the whole year and not just the summer months, take a look at our latest guide to barbequing

Everything you Need in One Place – From Fences and Sheds to Lawnmowers and Trellis

If you are toe dipping into gardening, or want to add to your existing garden skills and established outdoor space, Garden Oasis has the products and accessories to revitalise any enthusiast and every garden.

From tool sheds and garden storage, right the way through to sit on and manual lawnmowers - if you have a patio or garden need, we can fulfil it!

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