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Gates and Railings: Expert Installation Guide
The external appearance of your home is just as important as the inside, and attractive gates or railings can present an elegant effect while increasing your family’s security. However, while many people have considered such an adornment, the rules around installation can sometimes appear off-putting.The reality is that gates or railings not only protect your property, belongings and loved ones, they can also improve your privacy and create a favourable first impression if trying to sell the house. To help you better understand the rules and regulations, we’ve created this comprehensive guide...
Preseason Jobs: Things To Do Before The Arrival Of Spring
How is it so that the summer months seem to fly past yet the winter months seem to drag on and on and on? Well, at least we are nearly through the worst! Once gloomy January is over, the days will get lighter and longer and spring will soon grace us with its charming presence. We can’t wait!Although the winter months are considerably quieter in the garden, there are plenty of preseason jobs to be completed, from organising, planning and cleaning up your outdoor space. Ultimately, if you fail to prepare, you should prepare to fail, and Garden Oasis would hate to see that!1. Greenhouse prepAdmit..
Gardening: First Jobs for Spring
Winter has well and truly arrived! The cold has set in, the trees have dropped their leaves and the plants are dormant. While you can take a break from the routine garden maintenance, now is the ideal time of the year to get those construction jobs started so everything is completed ready to make the most of your garden when the weather warms up again. If you haven’t already done so, you should prepare your garden furniture for the winter. Cover benches and store away patio furniture in the shed or if your furniture is too large to store, cover it with one of our furnit..
We are lucky enough to have professional gardener and organic growing enthusiast Matt Jackson MCIHort join the team at Garden Oasis. In the video below Matt reveals how to give new life to your garden by producing a effortlessly rejuvenated, non-patchy Wimbledon lawn.As a horticultural writer and journalist for platforms such as The Telegraph and BBC Radio Kent, Matt has over 20 years experience and has gained a huge amount of knowledge along the way. He has also written his own works, ‘Lunar & Biodynamic Gardening' published by CICO. Drawing on his wealth of knowledge, complime..
Gardening in the Greenhouse This is a major topic, we are giving you a taster here. There are estimated to be approx 3 million greenhouses in Britain. Tomatoes are a favourite to grow, as is raising seedlings etc. Pests will try to bother you and ventilation is important. Use compost or sterilised alternative, not garden soil. Air that is too dry encourages pests and poor growth, over watering and damp air encourages diseases. Ideally water in the mornings, but evenings is ok in warm weather. The rewards of seeing something you have tended blooming for many wee..
Garden Oasis is lucky enough to have professional gardener Matt Jackson back on the team again this week, and this time he shows us how to install a cement (and hassle) free patio in your garden.In his three-part guide, Matt demonstrates how easy it is to lay a secure and attractive patio all in a days work - and without having to get the builders in!Part one of the guide focuses on the materials and tools, and how to prepare the area before laying your chosen slabs. Most of these tools you’ll have in your garden shed, but it’s always best to check before you start!T..
Pond Life - It's the Only Life I Know
If you're hoping to spot more stunning UK wildlife near your home this year, the addition of a pond to your garden is a must. It is without a doubt the most effective way to lure a vast array of animals and insects right to your backdoor, varying from typically British amphibians to rare birds.Sadly, due to mankind’s increasing need for living space, natural ponds in the British countryside have diminished by around 70% in the last 100 years. Why not give something back? Ponds significantly enhance and enrich their surrounding environment, providing a permanent source of water, shelter and foo..
Weekend Garden Makeover Ideas
For many of us, the garden becomes a place for making memories during the summer months. Whether that is by holding family BBQ’s, summer parties, dining alfresco or just watching the kids enjoy hours of fun during the holidays. But we know these memories will be remembered much more fondly if your garden is looking its best.We’ve decided to put together some quick and easy tips and tricks to spruce up your garden, all of which can be done over one weekend. Follow our guide to leave your outdoor space looking refreshed, eye-catching and ready to host more summer celebrations.Now this might not ..
Preparing Your Garden For Winter’s Arrival
So it’s that time of year again; the time of year when we see the vibrant summer colours rapidly fade from our gardens. During summer, we put in so much time and effort to ensure our gardens look clean, charming and colourful each summer so this year, don’t let your hard work disappear as fast as the sunshine!Garden Oasis have dug-deep for this one because we want to offer you the best tips and advice around on how to protect your garden as the temperatures begin to drop.As the busy summer gardening season quietens down, use this time to take care of your greenhouse. Whether you need to fix an..
Garden Oasis’ Perfect Gifts for Gardeners
By the time Christmas flies around the corner, there’ll only be around 12-14 weeks until our gardens wake up from their long, wintery sleep. Our green-fingered relatives and friends will be waiting in anticipation for the first sign of life and the moment they can get back to their little green haven. The thought of tending to early plants and vegetables is never too far away, even in the middle winter, so give them the gift of new ornaments, tools & gadgets to get excited over.  Santa’s little helpers (A.K.A. our team of bloggers) have put together a comprehensive list..
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