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Gardening: The First Jobs of Spring

The warmer months are finally on the horizon, but it’s likely the harsh winter weather will have taken its toll on your garden. As you’ll be spending more time outdoors in the coming months, now is the ideal time to give your garden a spring clean and bring it back to its original orderly shape!

Patio and greenery

Use a pressure washer to hose down your patio and invest in a strimmer to trim around the hard to reach parts of your lawn. You could also look at buying some new plants and bulbs to spruce up your flowerbeds and add some colour to your garden!


Feeding your lawn with lawn fertiliser will promote growth and hopefully reduce the amount of weed development. We would wait until around late March before you begin seeding your lawn. This is because the soil needs to be sufficiently warm (around 6-8 degrees) for germination to occur.

If you notice that you have areas where grass cover is sparse, mid-spring is the time to remedy this. Over-seeding is relatively easy to do but bear in mind that it is different to feeding your lawn. You can find helpful instructions on how to complete this here.

Depending on the UK temperatures, so whether we have a particularly warm and dry spring or not, we would advise to begin thinking about mowing your lawn around mid-April. Remember – never mow wet or frosty grass!

If you’re after a stunning Wimbledon Lawn this year, take a read of our blog on how you can achieve this.

Refresh woodwork

The harsher weather will have no doubt negatively impacted your garden furniture, fences and gates. Following winter, the wood probably looks quite dull, dirty and washed out by now. There is no need to replace the woodwork around your garden, just use a pressure washer to clean off any dirt or dust that may have accumulated and leave it dry off.

Once dry, apply some Cuprinol Paint Stain to bring back the vibrant colour that it once presented. Cuprinol has a whole range of colours to choose from, whether you want to inject a burst of vibrancy into your garden or stick to a more traditional look.

Other Jobs

  • Check hosepipe for leaks and fix
  • Clear the pond of weeds and debris
  • Prune bush and climbing roses
  • Clean metal gates, removing algae with soapy water
  • Increase water given to houseplants (early April)

These are the jobs that we would recommend completing as soon as the spring arrives. You’ll soon be busy with all the really fun stuff like sowing, mowing and harvesting! Get your garden shipshape ASAP so that as soon as it does warm up, you can spend your time enjoying it!

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