Weekend Garden Makeover Ideas

For many of us, the garden becomes a place for making memories during the summer months. Whether that is by holding family BBQ’s, summer parties, dining alfresco or just watching the kids enjoy hours of fun during the holidays. But we know these memories will be remembered much more fondly if your garden is looking its best.

We’ve decided to put together some quick and easy tips and tricks to spruce up your garden, all of which can be done over one weekend. Follow our guide to leave your outdoor space looking refreshed, eye-catching and ready to host more summer celebrations.

Now this might not be the most exciting of tasks but you’d be surprised how much difference repairing or replacing broken or crumbling fencing can have on the overall look of your garden.

Sometimes replacing the fence posts can prevent rot from spreading to the panels (as this is the part of the fence that is exposed to the damp soil). We offer a wide range of attractive fences and trellises, as well as replacement fence posts and accessories. 

Even a fresh lick of paint can instantly freshen up the look of your garden but if your fence panels are badly broken or rotting, it’s definitely worth replacing them to prevent further damage.

Planters are great for adding splashes of colour and height to gardens, whilst also being relatively low maintenance.

You can create a symmetrical look by perhaps positioning two identical planters at either end of your patio. If you want to create a more abstract look then why not place three or five smaller planters in various areas of your garden?

Depending on your taste, you can opt for the wooden and the more traditional planters or you can experiment with more unusual planters of different colours and shapes. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours so it just depends what you plan to plant in them, where you are positioning them and what look you are trying to achieve in your garden.

Below are a few of our most popular planters:

Lighting can dramatically alter the appearance of your outside space after dark and instantly improve the ambience of your garden parties!

Thanks to advances in solar technology, lighting has never been so easy to install and it no longer costs hundreds of pounds to keep your garden illuminated.

Highlighting focal features in your garden, such as ponds and trees, works well to draw attention to them and create depth.

Whether you are after patio lighting, lights to illuminate your garden paths or attractive novelty lighting, adding any kind of lighting is bound to enhance your garden space.

No garden is too small for water and there is nothing quite like listening to the sound of running water whilst enjoying a glass of something bubbly on a summers evening…

Ideally if you have the space and the funds, adding either a raised pond or installing your own is the perfect way to transform your garden. You can even add additional water features to attract more wildlife and enrich the overall appearance of the pond. We supply a huge range of raised ponds to suit all budgets and all the supplies that you will need to construct your own.

For some people, keeping up with the maintenance of a pond just isn’t feasible but this doesn’t mean you can’t have water in your garden! There are so many affordable and attractive water features out there so you’re bound to find one you like. From full-sized wishing wells to small birdbaths, Garden Oasis offers a huge array of water features; click here to view our range.

A firm favourite when reinventing the look of one’s garden! Garden lovers have been adding these to their outdoor space, to increase interest and height, for thousands of years.

Perfect for gardens of every size, these ornaments are beautiful on their own or with climbing plants added to enhance them even further.

Placement is key for both practical and aesthetical reasons. For example, if you plan to relax and read a book in the shade on your arbour during the summer months then choose accordingly. Similarly, if you plan to sunbathe under your arch on warm days then position your ornament wisely.

Avoid letting the ornament overpower the size of your garden; you want it to simply add to and accentuate your gardens beauty.

Adding paving or a patio to your outdoor space creates the perfect garden feature and with handy stock kits now available, it couldn’t be any easier. There is a huge range of designs to pick from, from big bold patterns to more subtle, understated looks.

Gravel isn’t just useful for easily creating or refreshing garden paths; it’s also pretty good at suppressing weeds. If you’re hesitant about using weed killer as you have small children or pets, or even if you’re just tired of pulling weeds from your grass, a natural aggregate might be the answer. We stock a huge range from golden gravel, forest green chippings and black sea cobbles.

Dated and broken furniture can seriously impact the overall look of your garden. Faded and washed-out colours can detract from the vibrant colours of plants and flowers, leaving your outdoor space looking dull and tired.

Sometimes it only needs a lick of paint to bring it back to life, however sometimes it’s unfortunately too far gone. If you think it’s time to invest in a new outdoor dining set or bench, check out our huge range here.

Even completing a handful of these simple tasks has the power to completely refresh your garden’s look. If you want to add character and charm, opt for adding arbours and water features and if you want to rejuvenate your garden’s worn appearance, choose repainting or replacing furniture and fencing.

After carrying out a couple of these tasks we think your garden will be ready to hold more memorable summer celebrations, alfresco dinners and that it will be something that your neighbours are envious of!