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Gardeners Tool Shed
Gardeners Tool Shed

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Teak Garden Furniture

Teak wood has long been the preferred choice in the manufacture of high quality garden furniture. Our range uses only the finest grade ‘A’ teak packed with all its own natural oils, combined with a close grain making it very resistant to rotting, weathering and warping thus requiring very little maintenance. It’s not unusual for an item of team furniture to last 70 years or more even though it has been exposed to the elements. It also looks befitting in all gardens regardless of the theme or setting and whether you have a more contemporary atmosphere or a more traditional. Additionally, most sets can be neatly folded away making them equally suitable for smaller, urban gardens too.

Teak Patio Sets
Teak Patio Sets
Teak Mix & Match
Teak Mix & Match
Teak Benches
Teak Benches

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The Queensbury Teak Bench is crafted from solid premium grade teak. Classically styled...[more]
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The Somerby Teak Folding Chair is made from the finest grade A teak that is rich in oil...[more]
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The Arley Teak Folding Chair is made from the finest grade A teak that is rich in oil...[more]
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New Products For October

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The Oxford 4 Seater Teak Bench is a heavyweight bench made from the finest teak that...[more]
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The Warwick 3 Seater Teak Bench is constructed entirely from premium grade solid teak...[more]
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The Warwick 2 Seater Teak Bench is constructed entirely from premium grade solid teak...[more]
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Teak furniture is virtually maintenance free. Because of its properties it thrives outside even exposed to the elements such as rain. However, over time the beautiful light brown or honey coloured shade of the wood will fade and turn a grey, silvery colour. Although in terms of the wood this does not reflect degradation in the strength or quality of the wood as in fact perfectly natural many people prefer to keep the original colour!

Teak oil is natural oil found in teak trees and has the same colour as the natural colour of the wood. As well as maintaining the colour of the wood it helps maintain the natural waterproofing. Again, this increases longevity and means you can use the furniture in its nearly as new state year after year. Additionally the teak oil may carry UV protective properties too which means that the furniture is less likely to patina with time as a result of being in the sun.

As previously mentioned, teak furniture doesn’t need very much maintenance at all. However, to reduce the effects of patina from the sun and the natural silvering colour that replaces the golden hue of new teak wood you can apply teak oil.

Before being applied you should allow the furniture to sit in the sun for several weeks to allow the grain in the wood to open. Once done, take your teak oil and apply it with a cloth all over the furniture piece. Rub it in with the cloth to ensure you reach it deep into the surface and it successfully absorbs the oil. Depending on the recommendations of the product, apply two coats allowing the first to dry. Protect the surface the furniture is standing on during this process to prevent any danger of staining.

We recommend reapplying a layer of teak oil once a year. Besides this your stunning furniture should remain looking bright and fresh in your garden all year round!

To keep your furniture looking generally clean and tidy a mild detergent, water and a brush or cloth will suffice in removing any dirt.

Teak oil is the only thing you should be applying to your teak furniture. We don’t recommend painting or applying any varnishes, there really is no need and paint will generally have a hard time adhering to the wood due to its high oil content.

Grade ‘A’ teak wood is the highest quality teak available. There are predominantly two places in the world which produce this level of quality in teak and they are Indonesia and Burma. Grade A teak is generally easily identifiable from the following characteristics:

·         Very tightly grained texture

·         Very tough and hard to the touch

·         Grain tends to be either straight or uniformly curved

·         Golden or honey colour consistent across the entire furniture piece

·         It is oily to the touch

·         It appears to be very oil rich

Lower grades of teak wood (‘B’ and ‘C’ grades) look lower in quality. They are generally not as oily to the touch or in appearance. They may also appear to be dull, or grey in colour if they are a lower grade.  Additionally, they are much drier and course to the touch giving a more uneven overall colour.

Additionally, the grade will also be determined where on the tree the wood is taken from. Grade A is from the oldest part of the tree whereas Grades B and C are from the softer, younger parts of the tree. Hence their properties described above.

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