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Shredding garden waste saves space in your recycling bins and makes it suitable for composting, which is better for your garden and the environment. Garden Oasis have a selection of electric garden impact shredders from Handy and Bosch and the quieter cut and crush shredder from Ryobi, all with fast free home delivery.


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Disposing of hedge, tree and shrub prunings has never been an easy task, and can be a daunting one. More Councils are now charging to take away green waste. Purchasing a garden shredder will enable you to mulch / compost the shreddings, or reduce the amount you send away via your Council collection service so makes  great sense. Using a shredder will also save you having to make onerous trips to your local Council tip. 

Shredders can be hired, but you have to transport them to and from the Hire shop, with limited time to use and hire charges aren't cheap.

By far the majority of gardeners invest in an electric shredder. Prices are now very affordable - from around £100 - £250 will buy you one with all the features you require. Remember you need access to an electric socket, and possibly also an extension cable. Use sensible protection at all times - garden gloves, goggles and ear defenders. Goggles are a must - you may pick up a stone by accident, and your goggles will provide vital protection if one spits back at you.

Features you should look out for:

  • Reversible blades.
  • Weight (although as most have rollers this isn't a major concern).
  • Motor size - we advise 2200w - 2400w.
  • Cutting width- 4cm (40mm) is recommended. Any smaller and your machine will struggle to cope.
  • Warranty length - most are 2 years, a few are 1 year.
  • Cost - you can pay from £99 up to £400. Unless you are going to be using your machine on a very regular or more industrial basis we advise that you place a limit of around £200 on your budget. There are plenty of shredders in our range from £99 - £240.
  • Collection bag (but you can place a plastic or cardboard box of your own underneath to catch the clippings)
  • Quiet operation? Not usually a major consideration as these machines arent in daily use, but if you really want very quiet operation opt for a Quiet (roller) shredder such as the Ryobi model we stock.
  • Impact blades or Cut + Crush roller blades? - see below.



Impact Blades are the most common, and generally less expensive. They work with spinning blades which are very sharp. They are very quick in operation, and you feed through the cuttings yourself, using the plunger  if one is provided with your chosen model. None of the impact machines are self feeding.

Impact Blade shredders are mainly lighter in weight than Quiet/Roller shredders, and can vary between around 13kg up to 21kg or more. As garden shredders have wheels, the weight isn't usually a major factor, but if it is for you, check the specification on our product pages.

Impact shredders do not clog up very often - always assuming you don't try to feed in much thicker branches etc than they are designed to chop (usually 40mm - 4cm max). If you are trying to shred lots of cuttings which are very green and full of sap any shredder may clog, so try to mix the type of cuttings you are threading though. If your machine isn't supplied with a collection bag, use a bucket or similar to catch the shreddings.

Reversible blades on Impact shredders enable you to use the other edge for cutting when the first edge has blunted.



These tend to be heavier than Impact shredders - we have models at around 25kg in weight, and as they have roller wheels moving them around isn't difficult. They are heavier if you need to lift them.

Quiet/Roller shredders work in a totally different way, by first crushing, and then cutting the shreddings by way of a roller, which draws your cuttings into the machine. They are generally better at cutting slightly thicker branches, but aren't so happy with leaves. The cuttings aren't as small as those produced by an impact shredder, but if you need to feed through thicker branches look at a Quiet/Roller shredder.  The trade off for less noise is a slower cutting mechanism, but if you can't stand the noise, or your neighbours don't like being disturbed, then a quiet model such as the Ryobi RSH2445 Crush & Cut could well be the model for you.


As with any electrical machinery, protection from the elements, especially rain is vital. Store in your garden shed if you have one. You may want to consider purchasing a Shredder cover, which will protect from rain and dust, it's fine for overwinter, and  is very reasonably priced.

Remember that delivery is free to most UK postcodes from Garden Oasis, so you don't have to struggle to get a large heavy box home from the shops. Your order is a simple click away via our secure website. Alternatively you can place your order by telephone, and our Team are available to find out the answers to any query you may have. A callback service is also available.

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