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Whether you are looking for a pergola to cover a patio or to act as a frame for a statue or water feature, Garden Oasis have a selection of some of the best pergolas available in the UK. Made from pressure treated wood, these pergolas from Grange come in a variety of styles ranging from the Pod (Apollo) pergolas as seen on TV to rustic pergolas that make a great support for climbing plants such as vines and roses.


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SAVE £40.00 (10%)
The Appleby Walkway is designed to turn a garden path into a feature. The pergola top...[more]
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SAVE £30.00 (10%)
The Portico Pergola creates an attractive and sturdy arch over a pathway or stands...[more]
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SAVE £50.00 (11%)
This distinctive Bramblecombe Pergola is elegantly designed using the curves of the top...[more]
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SAVE £60.00 (13%)
The Burleston Pergola is ideal for covering large patios. The proportions are generous...[more]
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SAVE £70.00 (16%)
The simple yet stately Chiswick Green Walkway creates an attractive framework over a...[more]
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SAVE £90.00 (15%)
The Contemporary Dining Pergola from Forest is a modern design that creates a stunning...[more]
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SAVE £20.00 (13%)
This Cottingham Pergola from Grange is designed to be used as a frame around a patio...[more]
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SAVE £62.00 (14%)
The Dining Pergola from Forest is a modern design that creates a contemporary...[more]
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SAVE £40.00 (13%)
This simple traditional style patio Pergola is designed to be mounted against a wall...[more]
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SAVE £35.00 (10%)
The Hemmingford Pergola from Grange is a classic design that can be used as a frame...[more]
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SAVE £100.00 (17%)
The generously proportioned Japanese Pergola is exotically designed to bring a taste of...[more]
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SAVE £70.00 (14%)
The Rowlinson Latina Pergola is a free standing pergola with a retractable canopy that...[more]
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SAVE £120.00 (16%)
The Primrose Walk Pergola is an eye-catching and contemporary design and focuses...[more]
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SAVE £45.00 (14%)
The stylish Radial Pergola from Forest is shaped to fit into the corner of a garden,...[more]
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SAVE £105.00 (18%)
The Rowlinson wall mounted Sienna Pergola features a taupe canopy that can be retracted...[more]
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SAVE £90.00 (27%)
The stylish wall mounted St Tropez Pergola from Rowlinson incorporates a retractable...[more]
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SAVE £25.00 (4%)
The contemporary Pod Pergola from Grange is designed to be used as a frame around a...[more]
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SAVE £50.00 (14%)
The Ultima Pergola Kit from Forest is ideal for covering large patios. The proportions...[more]
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SAVE £85.00 (13%)
The Rowlinson Verona Pergola incorporates a taupe coloured canopy to provide shade on...[more]
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The history of Pergolas can be traced back over 3000 years, when they were used in the gardens of the ancient Egyptians, over the entry into the garden. Pergola is derived from the Latin 'pergula" which translates as a "projecting eave" The Italian Renaissance period in the 15th century featured pergolas - "a close walk of boughs" - through which beautiful flowers would be trained and trail. In the 16th century French noblemen sought them for their beauty and prestige.

Previous generations created the pergola uprights from stone and brick, examples of which can still be seen in situ, but modern pergolas are almost universally made from pressure treated timber, and the variety of pergola styles is now astounding.

Take a look at the extensive range of Pergolas offered by Garden Oasis. You will be spoilt for choice, with over 20 styles from the UK's leading manufacturers such as Grange, Rowlinson and Forest at low prices and free delivery. Choose from:

  • An ultra modern domed pergola - which looks stunning over a circular paved patio, or at the the side of a feature such as a long pond. Watch our short video for ideas.
  • Pergolas which turn your garden path into an eye-catching feature. See our Primrose, Appleby and Cheswick pergola models. In larger situations such as hotels you can visualise the bride gliding her way under a pergola walkway, which has been framed by climbing plants. You can create something this beautiful very easily in your own garden.
  • If you want to frame a large garden ornament, or have somewhere to sit away from the house, the Bramblecote Pergola and the Japanese Pergola will suit your needs - giving you dappled sunlight and depending on how much planting you choose to train up the sides and top, also protection from the sun.
  • Do you want a pergola to frame your door entrance or patio doors? See our Contemporary model - a perfect feature attached to the wall of your home.
  • Need a large pergola? If you have a large patio, look at our Lean to Port pergola. You can even use this one to create a car port.
  • Want a pergola but also guaranteed shade? The Sienna Pergola is wall mounted onto your home, and has a retractable canopy - which means that when in use it will also reduce sunlight entering your home and prevent fading to curtains and furnishings.

In summary, pergolas have increased enormously in popularity. They are no longer just for noblemen and stately homes, now they can be enjoyed by all who have a garden area. Use them as a garden feature forming a shaded walkway or sitting area. Give climbing plants a structure on which to grow, or frame your prized garden ornament - the choice is yours.

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