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Lawn Rakes

Keep your lawn in top condition by using a lawn rake to remove moss and thatch that can choke grass, leaving you with a patchy or sparse lawn. Electric Lawn Rakes make what can be an arduous job, quick and easy!


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The Bosch ALR900 Lawn Raker uses an innovative Jet-Collect system where the drum with...[more]
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The Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter Lawn Raker uses a powerful drum with 14 solid vertical...[more]
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The Flymo Compact 340 Electric Lawnrake contains a powerful cylinder rake that removes...[more]
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The Handy Scarifier Lawn Rake is a powerful machine, designed to remove unwanted thatch...[more]
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We all love to see a perfectly manicured lawn but we also know that to achieve that look takes effort. Modern technology has given us the electric lawn rake / scarifier, and any gardener who has used one will know the enormous feeling of satisfaction gained at seeing the dead thatch so easily removed. The quantities can also be quite staggering, especially when you have just mown your lawn and think there is very little debris which can be further removed. Thatch in your lawn is a bigger problem that you might imagine, it can easily form a semi waterproof covering which prevents vital rain from draining into your lawn during the Summer months. In the early Autumn the turf is impeded and unable to thicken, and disease is encouraged. Occasional raking will prevent the build up of thatch, but if it is very severe or has not been removed for some time - if ever, you may need to have your machine set to scarifying setting for maximum impact.

Lawn rakes have other uses - removal of fallen leaves, dead grass and worm casts for instance. For these tasks you will adjust the setting on your Lawn rake to a shorter depth, so that they act more as a sweeper or light rake than as a scarifier.

Scarifying is not recommended in early Spring, as heavy raking may damage your lawn, and allow weeds to penetrate. At this time of the year use it on rake setting to remove debris which has been deposited over the winter, and also to make your grass stand up for better cutting results. In late Spring and Summer you may need to remove dead moss which you have successfully killed off with Lawn Sand or a chemical moss killer. Early Autumn is the time for using your rake for scarifying (if you have moss in your lawn use a moss killer at least two weeks beforehand). If your lawn turned out to be more thatch than turf you may need to re-seed the areas which become bare.

Simple rules:

Spring: Light Raking, do not use deep scarifying setting.

Summer: Occasional raking only if there is debris on the lawn. Also use for moss removal where you have killed it off.

Autumn: From early Autumn onwards, remove leaves and debris at higher setting, and use on lower scarifying level to remove thatch - essential if thick thatch is present.

At Garden Oasis we sell Bosch, Handy and Flymo Lawn Rakes that come with adjustable heights to tackle raking tasks throughout the season. They will tackle a small or large garden with gusto, and give you a great deal of satisfaction at the results you achieve. Just look through the details of the various models and order the one best suited to your needs. remember is you have any queries we are here to help - and importantly, with the exception of a few post codes, home delivery is free!

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