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Garden Vacuums

Collecting fallen leaves can be an arduous process. Garden Oasis have a range of Garden Vacuums that can help save time and effort, making the task of tidying up your garden more of a pleasure and less of a chore. We have a range of Garden Vacs from Flymo, Ryobi and Toro all with free home delivery.


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SAVE £3.00 (4%)
The Flymo 2700w Garden Vac is a versatile garden blower and vacuum with a unique jet...[more]
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SAVE £5.00 (6%)
The Flymo Scirocco Electric Garden Vacuum is powered by a 3000w motor, giving it a...[more]
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The Handy THEV2600 Garden Vacuum has been designed to be easy to use and to provide...[more]
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The Handy THEV3000 Garden Vacuum has been designed to be easy to use with maximum power...[more]
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SAVE £25.00 (17%)
The Ryobi RBV26 is a light and compact 26cc 2 stroke blower with vacuum capabilities....[more]
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SAVE £12.00 (22%)
The SandriGarden SG9240 Garden Vacuum has been designed to be easy to use whilst...[more]
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The Sanli BSB33 Back Pack Petrol Blower is an ingenious way of tackling garden debris...[more]
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The Sanli BV260 Petrol Blow Vac is a powerful dual purpose machine that is designed for...[more]
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Garden Oasis stocks a comprehensive range of hand held garden vacuums which are also blowers and shredders.Why put up with the wearying chore of sweeping up leaves and debris from your lawn, paths, driveway or patio, or spend hours trying to rake out leaves etc from behind and between your bushes? This article is designed to help you make the right choice of garden vacuum for your needs.

More electric garden vacuums are sold for the domestic market, but you may prefer the flexibility of a petrol model, which were originally designed for the commercial market, but have now become affordable. So: Electric or Petrol?

Considerations are:

  • How long is your garden? Electric vacuums have cables between 6 - 12 mtr in length. You can of course use an extension cable, just make sure the connecting plug does not get wet - you may find that you 'drag' it along as you use you machine.
  • Do you have to blow leaves from behind a lot of bushes? Petrol vacuums and blowers have the advantage that there is no wire to tangle on your plants - they are easier to manoeuvre.
  • Have you somewhere to store spare petrol safely, using an approved petrol can? Owners of electric garden vacuums wont run out of petrol!
  • Petrol models may give a higher mulching ratio - so you may not need to empty the bag so often.
  • Electric garden vacuums may be easier to start, but once you get the hang of starting a petrol mower it won't be a problem.

Other factors to take into consideration for your ideal garden acumen:

  • Weight: Our models don't vary greatly averaging around 4.5 - 5.1kg.
  • Size of collecting bag: Most have 40 - 45 litre collection facility.
  • Power: This can be reflected by price, but not always. Electric models stocked are between 1800 - 3000 watts; Petrol 25 - 30cc.
  • Length of cable on electric garden vacuums ranges from 6 - 12 mtrs.
  • Mulching ratio: 10:1 up to 16:1 - all are excellent, the higher figure will mean smaller shreddings, therefore less frequent bag emptying.
  • Guarantee: Models come with 1 and 2 year warranties.

Some final tips:

  • It's better to shred dry leaves than wet ones, which can, worst case scenario, clog up your machine. If you are keen to clear your garden in less than ideal condition, blow the leaves into a pile, cover and wait until dry before shredding.

Remember Garden Oasis delivers Garden Vacuums free of charge direct to your door throughout the UK.

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