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Garden Lighting

Illuminating your outside space has never been so easy and thanks to advances in solar technology, todays outdoor solar lights are both functional and fun with a number of novel ways to light up your garden. Garden Oasis has a large range of solar lighting solutions for a variety of situations from security lighting to illuminated ornaments that require no difficult installation and incur no running costs


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Create the ideal ambiance for entertaining friends or just relaxing in the garden...[more]
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The Ambient Solar Wall Lights from Greenhurst are ideal for mounting onto a sunny fence...[more]
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This Gas Lantern was a finalist in the British Designs Awards. The Gas Lantern is...[more]
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The multiple pastel colours to this set of 10 Oriental Solar String Lights will add...[more]
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This delightful Solar Candle Light will create that cosy, intimate atmosphere on your...[more]
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Ingenious and versatile, the Solar Gutter Lights from Greenhurst are the simple...[more]
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The pair of 2-In-1 Solar PIR Lights are the perfect solution to welcome visitors and...[more]
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This Solar Stair Light is designed to provide accent lighting to softly illuminate...[more]
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The contemporary Solar Wall Lights from Greenhurst are manufactured from premium...[more]
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Energy costs continue to rise, but we still want to create an ambience in the garden - whether it be to illuminate a pathway, highlight a feature plant, tree, pond, statue, or doorway, or bring in a fun element with strings of lights over patio seating areas, around garden umbrellas, threaded through tree branchesetc.

Now you can do all of those things without worrying about the ongoing, spiralling costs.

SOLAR LIGHTS are easy to install, low cost, and give out no heat. They are therefore safe even at low height when there are children and pets around. They use the renewable free energy from sunlight, so you are not using carbon fuels or leaving a carbon footprint. There are no electric wires to worry about which is a great bonus. Just ensure the solar panel is facing south to catch maximum sunlight.

Lets summarise the benefits:

  • You can install them yourself, as there are no electrical wires, which in itself is a safety aspect. Outdoor wiring must be professionally installed and sheathed for safety.
  • You will have decorative lighting without having to worry about the cost of your energy bills, in fact they may pay for themselves by reducing costs if you are replacing traditional lights run by electricity with new solar lighting.
  • They are safe to use even at low height with children and pets, and do not produce heat.
  • If you have a power cut they will continue to function.
  • The range available nowadays is so wide you are bound to find styles to suit your requirements, from classic and practical to fun and multicolour.
  • Maintenance is virtually nil - they charge themselves during sunlight, and switch on automatically at night - you don't have to remember to switch them on.
  • Well lit areas are safer for you.
  • You wont be using carbon energy.

So look at the range we have available to heighten the pleasure you have in your garden - and extend the time you can sit outside in the evening. Delivery is free to most postcodes. Brighten up your garden this year, and enjoy an extended summer.

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