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The Bosch Rotak 37Li Ergoflex Cordless Mower is powered by a 36V Lithium rechargeable...[more]
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The Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex Electric Mower is designed with comfort and efficiency in...[more]
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The Bosch Rotak 43 Ergoflex Rotary Lawnmower features the innovative, patented grass...[more]
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The Bosch Rotak 43 Li Ergoflex Cordless Mower is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre...[more]
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The Flymo Chevron 32V is a powerful electric wheeled lawnmower that features a rear...[more]
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The Flymo Glider 330 hovers on a cushion of air making mowing your lawn quick and...[more]
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The Flymo Turbo Lite 330 lawnmower features a folding handle design for compact storage...[more]
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The Flymo Turbo Lite 400 lawnmower features a folding handle design for compact storage...[more]
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The Flymo Visimo is a light, yet powerful electric lawnmower with many features...[more]
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Rotary lawnmowers have four wheels, are very easy to maneuver,and cut in a straight line. They generally give a better finish than Hover mowers, because they can do a shorter cut. They also cut closer to the edge of your lawn, which means there will be less need for you to use an edge strimmer.

STRIPED FINISH REQUIRED? You must order a model with a rear roller.  The roller flattens the cut grass as you mow, which produces the striped effect. The majority of models of electric mower are not self propelled, but as they are so light to use this is of no concern. Rotary lawnmowers with grass collection facility will collect the grass clippings leaving your lawn looking neat.

CABLE LENGTH IMPORTANT? Mains powered models are supplied with cables between 12m - 17m length (the latter being the Haytor Envoy Model). Depending on your lawn size and location of power source, this may be a factor in your decision. You can of course use an extension lead - ensure it is one suitable for outside use. Always use a surge protector, whether using an extension lead or not.

CAPACITY OF GRASS COLLECTOR? This varies by model between 28ltr - 50ltr. As your mower is not being used on a large lawn even the smaller collection boxes will be adequate for most people.

CUTTING HEIGHTS? All models have height adjusters- between 2 - 10 dependent on model, and cutting heights  of between 12mm - 60mm. Few gardeners would use all the heights - the broad rule is to start off on the highest cut your mower will allow in Spring, gradually lowering the cut as the grass grows faster, but do not  cut  on a low setting in drought conditions.

CUTTING WIDTH? Our models vary between 32cm up to to 43cm (the Bosch 43 model). Obviously the wider the cut, the less time it takes to mow your lawn, but if your lawn is small or your budget is tight, it may not be  a major consideration, as Rotary Electric mowers are quick to use.

WEIGHT? Electric Rotary mowers are incredibly light in comparison to petrol versions. They can weigh as little as 8.3kg (13kg cordless) up to 22kg for larger models.



Flymo, world renowned manufacturers of Hover mowers have been trading since 1965, and are recognised by their bright orange  mower casings. Hover mowers float on a cushion of air as they cut, and can cut in any direction, so you aren't restricted to cutting in straight lines. They are excellent for small gardens, moderately uneven ground, or slopes. Originally, Hover mowers did not have a collection facility, therefore the grass clippings would mulch back into the lawn. Still available and popular, with non grass collection models you may want to rake these clippings on occasions, either to prevent thatch build up, or to stop them being trodden into your home. Hover models can be purchased with a grass collection facility - such as the Flymo Glidemasters 330, 340 and 380 - which give you the best of both worlds - very light and easy mowing action, with no clippings left on your lawn.

STRIPED FINISH REQUIRED? a Hover mower isn't for you - look at a Rotary or Cylinder model with a rear roller.

CABLE LENGTH? Varies between 10m - 15m dependent on model. Usually adequate for small lawns. Use an extension cable recommended for outside use if needed, and always use a surge protector.

CAPACITY OF GRASS COLLECTOR? (Collection models only). This varies between 15lt - 35lt.

CUTTING HEIGHTS? Most have 2 or 4 adjustments, between 10mm - 33mm.

MAINS POWER? The smallest model uses only 900w, other models in our range are 1000w, 1150w,1550w and 1750w.

WEIGHT? Hover mowers can be amazingly light - our range starts at only 4.5kg, rising up to 13.7kg for the largest Flymo Glidemaster 380.

CUTTING WIDTH? Again a wide range - starting at 28cm for the smallest model, increasing to 33,34, 38 and 40cm - so there is a model for every need.


Cylinder electric mowers have rear rollers and grass collection boxes. Before deciding they are the type mower you need, take careful stock of your lawn. Is it flat, stone free, without rough grass?  Do you have lots of overhanging trees which will drop twigs? Cylinder models don't cope with rough, bumpy lawns, twigs, stones etc as well as other cutting types, and they can damage the cutting system.  But if your conditions are right, or you are prepared to rake up twigs etc then a Cylinder model can give you a sought after finish that wouldn't look out of place on a bowling green, as it cuts with a 'scissor like' action. With a cutting height of 12-42mm, the Bosch ASM32F is a very popular model. Cylinder models are the most energy efficient cutting system, therefore have smaller motors.If you invest in a Cylinder electric lawnmower treat your lawn to regular cuts, dont leave it to become overgrown.

We also suggest you look at the Handy Cut'N'Rake  lawnmower which is  multifunctional - being both a cylinder mower, and also a rake and scarifier!


If your budget can stretch to it, then consider the creme de la creme of electric lawnmowers. Much lighter in weight than petrol models, but without the hassle of trailing cords associated with other Electric Mowers, and always 'ready to go' our range of Bosch Rotak Ergoflex mowers provide you with superb cutting action, tackling long grass with ease. These modern battery operated mowers have none of the drawbacks associated with battery models of the past; the 36v Lithium batteries are 80% charged after 30 minutes, and 100% after one hour. Importantly, they don't self discharge, so are always 'ready to go'. The larger Bosch Rotak 43LA is supplied with 2 batteries, so that you can cut a very large area in one go. A fully charged battery will cut approx 300 sq metres, lasting on average 20-25 minutes which is more than enough for most lawns. They cut right up to the edge, and have unique grass combs. With large grass collection boxes, and wide cutting widths, a cordless model could be the answer to all your lawn mowing requirements.

Full details of individual lawnmowers are shown on our Web pages, but if you have any queries before you make your final decision, don't hesitate to contact our Team  who are here to assist you by email or phone. A callback service is also available. Use our secure website to place your order, or call one of our friendly staff.  You will find our prices are very competitive, and remember delivery is free to most UK post codes. Happy gardening from all the Team at Garden Oasis.













If your lawn is small - medium sized the plus points for Electric Mowers include:

  • Easy to start - no pull strings to grapple with.
  • Simple to use controls -release and the motor stops almost immediately.
  • No need to store petrol.
  • Lower maintenance than petrol mowers.
  • Quiet  in operation.
  • No fumes or pollution.
  • Easy to use and lightweight.
  • Power options - mains electric or cordless.
  • Different model types to choose from, to suit your requirements.


  • Rotary with grass collection (with or without rear roller) 
  • Hover - with or without grass collection facility
  • Cut'N'Rake - three in one model


  • Your garden is large or very large, or uneven.
  • You have long or very rough grass, or don't cut your grass on a regular basis.
  • You don't have a handy power supply (but you could consider a cordless model to overcome this problem).
  • If you need a bowling green finish you can have an electric mower - but choose a cylinder cut model. One example is the Bosch ASM 32F.


It is essential that you inspect the Power Cord on a regular basis - ideally this should be each time before you mow, or alternatively check the cord as you store your mower away after each use. Remember the cord is exposed, never mow towards it.

ALWAYS use a power surge protector, and, if using an extension lead, ensure it is one suitable for outdoor use.


  • Cutting Blade.Your mower is as good as its blade, it won't last forever without being sharpened  - especially if  unseen stones etc have caused damage. Scrape compacted grass off the blade.
  • Wheels. Not a regular task, but they should be lubricated at least once every season.
  • The Body Casing. Scrape off compacted grass which has built up on the top or underbody of the casing. You may need fairly sharp tool to assist you with this.
  • Vents. Ensure they are clear of grass clippings, as they can easily clog up. Brush or blow them clear.
  • Handles. All fixings - nuts & bolts should be well connected, they can work loose. Check on a regular basis.


  • The latest models have superb batteries, with much longer life, so ensure that you fully read the instruction manual which arrives with the model you are choosing.
  • Batteries aren't cheap items, so look after yours, including winter storage. Follow the instruction manual.
  • Popular models supplied by Garden Oasis such as the Bosch Rotak models can be charged in one hour; do not self discharge, and the top of the range model comes with two batteries, enabling you to keep one one charge whilst using the other, giving you even longer cutting times.

Each electric mower on our website is listed with full features, but if you have any queries before deciding which model is best for your needs and your budget, don't hesitate to contact the Team at Garden Oasis who will assist you to make an informed decision. Contact us by email or phone - a call back service is also available.



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